Back to the Laundry Room…

…it’s another beautiful day in the laundry room…the sun is shining warmly, the machines are humming, people are chatting. It’s very much a meeting place, which is why Frankie comes here often ( and, like me, he comes to see if there are any new books).

Sometimes, I run into him in the hallways, but in the  laundry room there’s always time to talk. We talk about wars Canada has been involved in, politics, news in the building…

Today, he told me the following joke:

Grandson: “Grandpa, can you say ‘ribbit’?”
Grandpa: “Why?”
Grandson: “Grandma said that after you croak she’ll take us to Disneyland.”
Well, I thought it was funny.

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One response to “Back to the Laundry Room…

  1. Nancy

    I thought it was funny too. 😀

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