Octopus Books on Third Avenue

Recently, I dropped by Octopus Books…a funky, independent book store, with a socialist bent, located nearly on the corner of Third and Bank. The store has been around since the late 60’s and has opened a second location on Bank Street earlier this year. (Unfortunately, because I have not been careful, I’ve fallen into loitering only the giant bookstores like Chapters (my only saving grace is that I still shun Starbucks, most of the time) and have missed out on small, independent books store such as Octopus. I shall be wiser next time.)

Octopus Books also has an on-line book store; both the online and actual store have many unusual book titles and  book sections…Political Action, Globalization, Race, Unusual Histories…and some standard sort of sections, such as Kid’s Books, Cookbooks and Feminism. But, even the usual sections tend to have unusual titles. (I’ll be reviewing one soon.)

The store also has bumper stickers, cards and small posters (the stickers and posters generally have some kind of political statement written on them).

And they always have something going on, such as a number of upcoming book launches.

Really, I need to learn more about this place.


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4 responses to “Octopus Books on Third Avenue

  1. love little bookshops- had one myself for a while–good for you for trying not to go to Starbucks–rather spend my money on books-will be in Ottawa soon and will have to check this out-thanks for introducing it and looking forward to your book review

    • That’s wonderful! I keep imagining what it might be like to have a little book shop (of coffee shop or the 2 in one)…all kinds of books piled everywhere, full of deep thoughts, people sitting around sharing their views on things… 😀

  2. I love your passion for books, which I too share. I’ve been collecting really old books with beautiful bindings, similar to the image in your icon actually. I love using those for decoration around the house.
    Good stuff.

    • Thanks:) That’s wonderful (your book collecting). I remember that from and early age, I either saved my money or spent it on books too….come to think of it, the first money I ever made, I spent on a book (I was 8 years old and wanted to take a course in German; my Mom said that she’d pay for the tuition, but I’d have to come up with the cash for the text book….I took MANY wagon loads to the recycling station over those few days.:))

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