Right, so just when I was sure that there wasn’t any intelligent literature for teens, someone proved me wrong…cool.:)

We broke up because he left the inner layer of his camouflage coat in my hall closet and I don’t shoot animals, or hook them. 

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler (art by Maira Kalman) is one of my new favorite young adult books.  I’m really picky when it comes to young adult books, probably much more picky than I am with adult books which means on a scale from one to ten – I am a giant horned cactus of picky.

Anyway, Why We Broke Up is the perfect, perfect, perfect young adult relationship book.  Did I say perfect?  It’s unbelievable.  I felt like I was in high school all over again and nearly fainting when a guy wrote on a piece of notebook paper “I can’t stop thinking about you.” Granted, I never used my locker so there wasn’t any ruled paper notes slotted into the blue metal…

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