The Blogging Addict

That is what I have become. I cannot stop. I’ve spread myself too thin. The posts are suffering. I am suffering. I’ve been going at the blog the way I do at a bucket of The Chunky Monkey (or whatever other delicious ice cream happens to be on sale….hell, anything with sugar will do).

I have asked my husband to tell me to get off the computer if he spies me blogging. But, no. He has not been vigilant. He is undependable. That’s what it is.

Meanwhile, here I am, typing like a fiend in the glare of the screen. Is it even worth reading? I don’t know, but I must continue. (Seriously, if a blog was chocolate, it would be ooozing from my mouth from being overfilled.) What to do?????

Right. It’s just like this except wrt the blog.

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6 responses to “The Blogging Addict

  1. ~I know, I know, I know. It keeps drawing me in–I keep trying to set boundaries – maybe because I am pretty new at keeping up with it – at first I only blogged about once a week–then I found other bloggers–then I began blogging more, where will it end, where will it end,…………arg!
    ~On a different note – I just tried chunky monkey frozen yogurt – omg–it is so good–almost as good as blogging………………
    ~Unlike your husband, mine keeps saying “What are you doing?” –I may have to kill him soon (just kidding–really)

  2. I admit your chocolate cake brought me here. I like what you say about blogging and I hear you.

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