27 Easy Brownie Recipes by Leonardo Manzo and Karina di Geronimo

So, I came across this book, and right away I realized the importance and the effect of great food photography…(or even just the importance of pictures in general). Not that the words aren’t important. Let’s just say that the two, together, can be magical.

Outside of a brief prologue, a quote from Fernand Point, a few paragraphs titled “Brownies for Happiness” (yup, that’s how I see brownies as well), a few of “Grandma’s Solutions for Common Problems” and “Top 7 Pro Tips for Baking the Perfect Brownies”, this book is all recipes. Which is what it’s all about and that’s plenty.

Back to gushing over the photos and text…O.K. so, maybe I haven’t seen too many modern cookbooks, but I do know what I like and there’s not much that’s more lovely than a beautiful pic of a food that you’re addicted to….mmmm, crumbly, melty, rich yummies.

And as I mentioned earlier, the words aren’t bad either: melted butter, milk, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, walnuts or almonds….cool to your liking…ahhhhh. (Are you with me or am I in need of chocolate therapy?)

Even the names of the brownies: Microwave Brownies (simple), Gluten-free Brownies (better for you), Chocolate and Mascarpone Double Brownies (exotic AND double), Christmas Brownies (Christmas!), Alchemy Brownies (magic!)….

I could go on like this, but, you get the idea….and…I am in need of a chocolate fix.



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2 responses to “27 Easy Brownie Recipes by Leonardo Manzo and Karina di Geronimo

  1. Brenda A.

    Oh! This book would need to be laminated due to the drool!

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