Teddy Bear vs. the Monsters in Your Room

Is this not the best picture you’ve seen? (At least, lately?)

I came across it on Facebook by chance; it’s by Begemott and it’s called “Sweet Halloween Dreams”.

But, it just says it all in terms of the function of a teddy bear, doesn’t it? Or, maybe, Teddy could be a representation of your bit of courage standing up to your fears in general. Or David and Goliath….or some other metaphor…

Does anyone have stories to share about their teddy bears or childhood fears of the dark? I never had a toy to sleep with, but I did endow my duvet with powers of protection.


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7 responses to “Teddy Bear vs. the Monsters in Your Room

  1. I always had the fear that my bed was an island and i would float away so i made sure I had some kind of food with me

    • 🙂 Excellent thinking.
      My biggest problem was lack of air. Since my duvet had protective super powers, naturally I would hide my entire self under it. Some nights I freaked myself out so badly that I’d end up sweating buckets under there. Finally, I’d have to admit defeat and whip the duvet off, because if my Mom saw that she had to change my pyjamas just because I sweated right through them she’d be reeeeeally mad…and that was scarier than the monsters. 😀

  2. Nancy

    I love that image.
    My stuffed animals had feelings, easily hurt. And enjoyed peanut butter above all else.

    My duvet had protective powers until well into my teens… It is only recently that I’m not terrified of the dark. Happily, my kids don’t seem to have inherited my phobia – at least, not yet.

    • 🙂 Mine too! They had lives and things to do….but, only as long as I was playing with them.
      Not sure when my duvet lost it’s powers, but I do remember that during the teen years I could not fall asleep if the closet door was slightly opened…tooooo creepy.

  3. Emily

    I had a stuffed lion I slept with every night. Had him since I was two and named Brusier, signifying his brute and bravery. I am well into my twenties now and he is still around for a good snuggle.

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