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…time to hit the books…:)


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Just in Time for Father’s Day

Free kindle book downloads for Dad:

Dad’s Guide to Life for Girls

Raising Kids with Love and Limits

(P.S. as always, if you like these, download them quickly, because they won’t be free for long. )

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Library of Parliament, Sparks Street Branch

I didn’t make it to Doors Open Ottawa, but I did get my hands on a few pics of the Library of Parliament on Sparks Street. So, since it is a library and in the tradition of posting all about things that you already know, here are a few of those pics:

(Doors Open Ottawa continues today.)

The Board Room

The Book Room

The building used to be the Bank of Nova Scotia and, if you look veeeery closely, you’ll be able to read the words “Safety Deposit” on the wall…the money vaults were kept down the stairs, in the basement.

The End


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Free Books Draw…Enter Today!

Did you enjoy the last 3 reviews? Think  you may want to read these books yourself?

I will be holding a draw next week, May 23rd, for the 3-book package (Heaven is for Real, Queen Elizabeth’s Wooden Teeth, The Finishing School). If you’re interested, live in the Ottawa area and would like to follow this blog, please enter your email address under “FOLLOW ME!” on the Home page to enter.

I’ll announce the winner at 6:00 p.m. on the same day. Good luck! 🙂

P.S. Is anyone else loving how rich and green everything has become? I could look at it all, all day long.


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Free Books! – 2: Books for Kids and Teens

Ah, be still my greedy heart. I have found the gift that keeps on giving…morning, afternoon and evening. New, free kindle books available a few times a day for kids: ages 0-3, 4-8, 9-12 and young adult. (There’s even books for adults in this.)

Or just hit the “Free Kindle Books” button at the top of the Pixel of Ink web page.

(You don’t even need to have a kindle, just download a kindle cloud for your PC.)


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Free Books!

This may not be news to anyone in the 21st century, but….FREE ebooks! 🙂 Yes, it is true that I could go on and on about the wonderfulness of the (hard) printed word, but as someone who also enjoys the content of a book and free stuff, I find the concept revolutionary and the, occasional, e-printed word quite acceptable.

I have also found that there are e-books that are temporarily free and there are e-books that are permanently free. So, please, if you do have the technology, but like me, you’ve been using your computer predominantly as a typewriter, check it out.

( I do realize that there are loads of other “permanently free” books hanging around the internet, but I have yet to check them all out.)

And now back to my musings on the topic of “what exactly is a blog” and “how exactly does it work”….


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