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And, so, it was that I moved to a building on the outskirts of Westboro…

…Like many condo buildings, it has a library; a little one, in the corner of the laundry room. This corner is rather special to me, simply because it has books and books have always had a magnetic effect on me….

…Since before I could read, books were  my refuge; libraries and bookstores, my places of worship. Visiting them was an emotional and multi-sensory experience….ahh, the loftiness of my favourite childhood bookstores; the creak in their wooden floors; the hushed atmosphere; just being surrounded by such vast stores of knowledge and possibilities! My grandmother’s permission to handle a book was a gateway to experiencing something sacred….

…The library in the laundry room became especially special when I retired thanks to a chronic illness. Going to a full-sized library has often not been an option. But, going downstairs to see if there were any new contributions often is.  And, so, I began to read….


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