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Happy Canada Day!

This is one of  my favourite holidays. I only cry on Canada Day and Rememberance Day. Not even Christmas can get me this emotional. I guess that I’m pretty patriotic. So, I raise my glass to Canadians everywhere and to everyone who loves their country as much as I love mine.

Here’s one of the best Canadian songs ever: Canadian, Please.

P.S. Yes, I’ve berated myself for not reviewing a book by a Canadian author for this occasion…but, I’ll be sure to have one reviewed for Remembrance Day.

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Ottawa, Canada by William P. McElligott

Ottawa, Canada is a gorgeous book that highlights the city’s beauty and all that it has to offer. With a foreword by Roy McGregor, the book is divided into the 4 seasons and is dominated by the extraordinary photography of it’s author, William P. McElligott.

From the National Arts Center to the Ottawa 67’s, from the Embassy of France to the Bluesfest, from Rockcliffe Park and the Glebe Community Centre to the Market and the Sound of Light International Fireworks Competition; it’s all here, Ottawa in all of it’s splendour.

(I’ve been living in Ottawa since I was 10 years old and didn’t realize just how beautiful and exciting this city really is.)

The text is written, in part, by the author and, in part, by his wife, Norma Lu Brown, and the book is completely made in Canada. It has 6 basic lay-outs that tend to work in contrasts, be it morning vs. evening, country vs. city and colours…ah, the spectacular colours…that further strengthen the impact of the book.

Mr. McElligott has worked as a sports photographer  (which really shows in the action shots…the power, the drive) and is, currently, an architectural photographer (which shows everywhere else).

There hasn’t been a book like this in over 20 years and after only just over 1 year, the book has sold 7,000 copies and has become a best seller (at 5,000 copies sold…and that’s without an agent). It has also won awards and has become the official book of the National Capital Commission, Ottawa Tourism and the City of Ottawa.

If you, like me, need a wake up call regarding how lucky you are to live in Ottawa (or you live elsewhere and would like a beautiful introduction to the city), Ottawa, Canada is sold in independent book stores all over town (or on the author’s website). And, if you’d like to meet the author, he will be doing signings in these stores throughout the month of June, starting on June 2 at Books on Beechwood.

P.S. please note that my pics of the photographs from the book don’t do them justice; they’re for illustration purposes only.


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Canada Writes

Have you been secretly writing great poetry? Or even if you don’t think it’s that great, why not let a panel of judges decide? The Canada Council for the Arts is running it’s annual poetry contest. You can submit your original, unpublished, poem or poetry collection here. But don’t think or write for too long, the contest closes May 1, 2012.

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