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Sleeping Tigers by Holly Robinson

This book is chick litt. Not hyper chick litt, but chick litt. nevertheless. As such, I did not expect miracles. But, I figured that since I wanted to turn off my brain and run my eyes over words of little consequence, this book was it!

Jordan is 33 years old and has left her fiancee, Peter. Her Dad believes this was a big mistake and that, at her age, she will never find anyone else. Jordan is also not convinced that leaving was the best thing to do. Her best friend Karin thinks otherwise. Unlike Jordan, Karin believes in playing the field, sleeping with the field and having a “good time” constantly. When Jordan comes to visit her in San Francisco, Karin puts her right in the middle of the field by throwing her a welcome party. Not much happens there.

By the fourth chapter, a bit of sad drama is introduced when Jordan catches up with her brother, Cam…we learn that their Dad was an alcoholic and that Cam is also prone to addiction and may have impregnated a 15 year old drug addict. And on and on it plods…seriously, I couldn’t finish this book. It was like reading a play-by-play of someone’s grocery shopping trip. A bit too we’re-still-relatively-young-so-we-do-stupid-things-to-look-younger-and-“cool”. It’s basically about 30-somethings who feel sorry for themselves, still haven’t go it together and display behaviours that may (or may not) be accepted by the occasional teen. Empty and pretentious.

On the other hand, the author’s site says it was theĀ 2011 Book Of The Year Finalist…maybe I should have been more patient.

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