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A few great ideas for those who are crafty and don’t want their books anymore. 😀

House of 34

Old books can be found everywhere.  From Goodwill and Habitat Restore to used Book Stores and garage sales.  Libraries even sell out of date books for very little money.

I have been wanting to make my last name initial from a book to put in my bookcase.  I had seen it on Pinterest, where they used a jigsaw and a template made from a large cutout printed font.  While looking for that particular project, I came across oodles of  ideas for projects using old books.  They are so clever!  Who knew??  Many of these would make great gift ideas.  The holidays are just around the corner, ya know.   Take a look…

Click on pictures for source and instructions.

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The perfect crafting project for when you don’t really want your books anymore, but aren’t ready to throw them out…just in time for summer…:)

Hello friends. Yes, I know. I am the worst—it has been over a month since my last post! But, please don’t hate…because I have something awesome to show you!


This was such a fun, inexpensive and super easy wreath to make!
The worst part of this project was when I continuously burnt the crap out of my fingers had to rip up two books in order to make this. Honestly, as an English Lit Major, this was a very difficult process for me. Librarians—avert your eyes.

Here is what you will need:

Only three items! See? Told you it was easy. I am not a woman who lies.

I used an 18-inch wreath that I purchased from Hobby Lobby for $7.99; the rest of the items I already had on hand.

Here is the book I used:

Just kidding guys! Thought that would be funny. Did anyone faint? If so…

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