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Snow White and the Huntsman, Part 1

O.K., so this is a bit of a stretch, but given that “Snow White” has been in book form, I allowed myself to share my views on this movie. Plus, I just wanted to see the special effects and Charlize Theron looking gorgeous and eeeevil.

In a few words, the movie is: action packed, mythical, saviour-oriented* and, of course, has fantastic special effects. And, I’ve just seen it, so I haven’t had time to digest it. But, here are a few first impressions.

Seems like Hollywood just keeps getting bigger and louder. And, it always amazes me, the force with which it perpetuates myths and lacks originality ( in terms of story lines, not special effects).

Sure, the  movie is spectacular in terms of visuals (if you add great images they will come), but it’s a string of myths, old and not so old.

Snow White and the Huntsman is the ultimate cat-fight where the lines between good and evil are clearly drawn (maybe that’s why the fairy tale is making such a comeback)….there’s even a good freaky forest and a bad freaky forest….but, once again, I digress. For example, age and experience is bad, innocence and “purity” is good. Not sure whom it’s good for or how it magically defeats  experience. Either way, in the end, youth rides against age and defeats it.

Why are fairy tale stepmothers always evil? Do real-life stepmothers not have enough do deal with?

There are also glimpses of Joan of Arc (when the virginal Snow White somehow raises an army after a speech and rides against the castle).

There’s Snow White as Jesus (Snow White is “The One”, she rises from the dead and “she died for us” as her childhood buddy William says).

There’s even a glimpse of the myth that sexual assault is somehow flattering (when the huntsman suddenly cuts off the bottom of Snow’s long skirt, so that she can walk more easily, she startles, to which he says: “don’t flatter yourself”).

There’s a dash of multiculturalism, when Snow stays in a camp among a varied group of women, whose men are off fighting the evil Queen. And there’s a blood theme running through the movie, as a representation of life and how it must stick together. Also, seems that the only blond people are evil….hmmm, truly, I must ponder this further. Or just appreciate the stunning visuals of the film and call it a day.

June 4: If you’ve seen the movie, please, feel free to share your views…it would be nice to get a discussion going. 😀


* By which I mean that it’s another one of those stories, where someone is destined to rise and save everyone (why do people keep wanting someone to save them?)

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