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Small Space Organizing by Kathryn Bechen

This book approaches small space organization from the perspective of comfort/coziness and practicality. It’s a great book with great ideas for big and small, small-space problems.

It all starts with downsizing, and the author understands the emotional aspect of parting with things. Downsizing does not mean throwing everything out, just keeping the stuff that you truly love and putting it somewhere where you can enjoy it often.

She suggests  thinking about questions such as: how do you want to use the space? How do you want to live? What kind of  a climate do you live in? Then, writing down all  you want to do and get rid of before doing anything. Then, she gives tips on how to do it, room by room.

There is a chapter for one-room apartments and chapters on spaces with enough room to create all kinds of rooms, including a nursery or kids room, should you need one. Even libraries, patios, beverage bars and laundry rooms are considered.

The reader is asked questions based on what they need and value. Every bit of space is used up to beautify and store. It seems that the author could make a shoebox cozy and functional.

The book is intertwined with real life stories that prove various points and liven up the narrative.

The focus is on helping you decide what works best for you and providing tips and ideas on how to achieve that given the space you have. Organization is no.1 and the final word is on how to store the stuff that you absolutely can’t live without.


P.S. don’t forget to enter the draw for the 3-book package. Contest closes this Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.. See post from May 15 for details.


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The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen

This is soooo exciiiiiiiiting! I’ve been looking for this movie forever and now it’s here AND with English subtitles….therefore, I can share it! (O.K. I must calm myself…breeeeathe) I have LOVED Hans Christian Andersen since my Mom bought me a book of his stories in grade 2. (I will gush about that excessively in a future post.) I have loved this movie even longer. It is one of my all time favourite fairy tales.

I am SO happy that I can share this! Seriously. (I see that the earlier effort to calm down hasn’t worked, nevertheless, let’s proceed.)

Here it is: The Little Mermaid, in the original Czech with English subtitles.

(If you have any interest in this, please, see it as soon as possible…who knows how long it will be up there.)

P.S. I have cried buckets at the point where…alright, maybe, not everyone knows the story, so I will only give away the ending partially…towards the end, since I was 5 years old. Tell me that you didn’t do the same…(I think you will :))

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Barefoot Books at the Veg Fest

Last Sunday, I was able to go to the Veg Fest. I haven’t been before, but I have never seen such crowds in a while; at one point, they had to stop people from going in and we had to stand in line outside until the inside cleared out a bit.

It was all about cooking demonstrations, guest speakers, silent auctions, vendors and a lot of food and planet-loving people.

I, of course, made a bee-line to the book stand, which wasn’t difficult since it was located right in front of the entrance.

Barefoot Books are books for children and they are gorgeous. (Even the stand was beautiful. Take a look below and don’t judge the stand based on the quality of my pics…it was reeeally hard getting  a decent pic with so many people around, I need to say.)

I had the opportunity to ask Dina Cristino, Barefoot Books Ambassador, a few questions about the books…she said that Barefoot is a small independent company that focuses on bringing together beautiful art work with story telling in a way that teaches children respect for all cultures and love for the planet. The characters are not standardized and come from different ethnic backgrounds and with different abilities and disabilities; the company works with authors and illustrators from around the globe to tell stories that are also varied. The stories speak of high morals and values and carry a deeper meaning rather than focus on pure entertainment. And children appreciate the depth of the stories as well as the beautiful images that speak to their own creativity and imaginations.

And what kind of a response have the books had? “Great response. A lot of people are happy to see something different. This is my third year with Barefoot and the response is greater and greater. I have customers who come back and are very happy.” Both parents and teachers are impressed with the response that they get from children, including autistic children and those with developmental problems.

The company continues to expand it’s product line. In addition to books and CDs with sing alongs and stories, Barefoot continues to come out with puppets and a range of games.

What are some new book titles to look forward to? “Buddhist Tales” and “Robin Hood”.

Does anyone out there have experience with Barefoot Books?


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