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The Neverending Story

I first saw this book as the movie, many years ago. I still get choked up when I think about the storybook characters desperately running to get away from The Nothing that was destroying the land of Fantasia.

I went to explain the desperate situation to my Mom…”The Nothing is sweeping the land. You should have seen the poor characters; they were so desperate! And it’s true. This is actually happening, with everyone attached to their TVs. Imagination is dieing!” She gave me that look that said that I was ridiculous. “Which means that creativity is dieing…the sense of community, responsibility….appreciation of nature…it’s all related.” The look continued. I left the kitchen, yelling to the house: “Everyone’s a drone!”

Anyway, I wish I had listened to myself back then. (Not sure how things would have been different, but I should have listened.) The imagination really is the source of everything; imagination and heart is the source of power, isn’t it?

This video makes me think of the changing global weather patterns…the current drought, the various floods…am I nuts?

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