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Books from the Colosseum

A few pics of the bookstore in the Colosseum (so nicknamed since it stood by the colossal statue of Nero).

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Arbitrary Pictures 6: The Countryside

Another set of beautiful pics by Miroslav Pospisil. This time, photos of the countryside (and parks) around the city of Vyskov, Czech Republic.

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The Vatican Library

So, this is the library in the Vatican. All kinds of amazing and wonderful books are stored there, but good luck trying to get at them. Even if you are a university student in Rome and have a note from your prof. asking to access a specific volume, you won’t have an easy time.

P. S. Check out this virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel…I suspect it’s better than the real thing.


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Arbitrary Pics 5: White Point, Nova Scotia in February

This may seem a trifle unseasonal, but, I figured, as you sit in the blustering heat of summer, a few beautiful winter pics may be particularly welcome.

All pics are courtesy of Kari Hunt


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Arbitrary Pictures 4: Maplelawn Garden

The only Keg that I’ve been to is the Keg Manor, which I like because it’s a beautiful, heritage ¬†stone building and I love things that are old and durable….and beautiful. (Plus, if you like steak, some have said it’s the best in town. I don’t know, I’m not a big steak eater.)

This post is about the garden located right beside the building, which, until recently, I believed was private. It’s not and it’s lovely. Both the building and the garden have been declared a national historic site, which is great because, as previously mentioned, I like old stuff. It’s also an opportunity to visit a nice, secluded place where you can just relax, breathe and take it all in.

Here are a few pics from Maplelawn Garden:


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Arbitrary pics 2: Butterfly Gardens, British Columbia

A few pics from the Butterfly Gardens in Victoria, B.C.

All pics are courtesy of John Hunt

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Library of Parliament, Sparks Street Branch

I didn’t make it to Doors Open Ottawa, but I did get my hands on a few pics of the Library of Parliament on Sparks Street. So, since it is a library and in the tradition of posting all about things that you already know, here are a few of those pics:

(Doors Open Ottawa continues today.)

The Board Room

The Book Room

The building used to be the Bank of Nova Scotia and, if you look veeeery closely, you’ll be able to read the words “Safety Deposit” on the wall…the money vaults were kept down the stairs, in the basement.

The End


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