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Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road….

Indeed, do follow the yellow brick road, but first make sure that it’s strong and healthy or, else, who knows where you’ll end up. The Wizard of Oz is chock full of symbols, just one symbol after another, even in places where you think they aren’t. And the yellow brick road represents your 3rd chakra, your gut instinct….and you do want a strong 3rd chakra (if you don’t know about the chakras, just trust me, for I am trustworthy)…otherwise, you’ll end up like me…a sad, frightened lunatic, a puppet on many strings.

Dorothy begins her trip.

Other examples of symbols include:

  1. the tornado: a symbol of chaos that lands in everyone’s life from time to time
  2. Toto, the dog: “toto” is Latin for “everything”; that is, we have everything we need with us at all times, no matter what material possessions we lose.
  3. The Wizard of Oz: after the long, arduous trip to Oz, Dorothy and her friends find out that he’s a fraud; that is, because we have everything, all of the answers are within us, we shouldn’t ¬†look to experts to solve our problems…they can help (if they’re good), but we need to do the (internal) work.

If you do want to learn more about all the symbols, you might want to listen to a free audio workshop by Caroline Myss (my very own Wizard…a good one)…it’s fascinating….just scroll all the way down and then scroll all the way down again, under “Free Streaming Audio and Video” to “Taking the Yellow Brick Road”.

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